Monday, February 23, 2009

Ok, Enough with this free stuff, My head hurts and Im sick of it.I wanted to tell everyone my wonderful experience  AT Sprint today. My Hubby... My love ...ya ya  Decide I needed A new Phone. NOt Any old  phone, But A BLACKBERRY CURve Phone,IT's SOOOO Pretttty........Well My old phone look like a old rubber boot ,that couldn't do much but dial out , and  o ya . It was a great Thing For my kids  to throw around whenEVER They were BOred!!.But This Blackberry Curve whew!!! This is high TECHie Stuff!!! I can text people, I can take pictures, I can Take pictures, Ok MAybe This is all I know it does right Now !!!,But I hear It can Do WAY  more .Well At least THats what The girl Letty Told Us at Sprint .EithER WAy , IT's all MINE ,all Mine!!!!
TA TA!!!


  1. You are so lucky!!
    That phone looks great :o)

  2. Thank you so much, its so great ,LOVING IT!!!!!!

  3. You will love, love, love it!! My old blackberry just died and I got the curve too, but in pink.


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