Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello Ladies!!

Do you feel that you have had enough with the same old look you have be carrying on for more than a year now,how about longer. Maitrix Beauty College is a beautiful and well equipment college located in the northwest area of Houston.They offer 6 months to 2 year programs that range from cosmetology ,esthetic and teacher instructor. Today they are offering a Houstonmommy101 mom a Total day at the spa.You would be greeted by a receptionist that would have you first lead you to have you enjoy a 1 hour relaxing facial with a foot reflexology massage. Next you would be lead to cleanse your scalp. And then be lead to a whole new you. You would enjoy a haircut to your desire, blowdry and style. Enter houstonmommy101 website and enter in comments why you should win. Friday the winner would be announced


1 comment:

  1. I would love to win this not for myself but for my sister. She doesn't blog too much and I don't think she's heard about this yet and even if she did she would be too embarrased to enter. Anyway she is actually my only sister and her 30th birthday is coming up. My mom and I have actually been planning to give her a surprise makeover for her birthday, she really needs it. After having her second child she let herself go big time, at first we thought this was just a phase but her youngest is now 4 and after four years she still hasn't managed to claim her body or image back. She is one of those people who is always so busy taking care of everyone else that she never has time for herself. Just a few days ago my nieces found a picture of her back when she in college and they didn't even recognize her. Please, please pick her. She is definetely a giver, not a taker and I know she would never ask to win this herself and that's why I'm posting for her.


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