Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Winner for the Maitrix Beauty College Spa Makeover.....

Thank you all for all the great comments, The winner this month for the Spa Makeover is Lestage from Nuestra Familia. Her sister will be enjoying a wonderful makeover courtesy from Maitrix Beauty College. I will be posting some before and after pictures of the makeover. Thank you all again!!


  1. oh wow.... how exciting. I have to tell her I know she'll love this, thanks. She just started a new job yesterday and has recently lost a lot of weight, it'll just be refreshing for her. I will get back to you to let you know when she wants to set the appointment. thanks again

  2. Can't wait for the makeover pics! By the way, for anyone who needs a well-deserved pampering, check out this great resort and spa near Houston...

  3. Hi sorry I hadn't been able to get in touch. I had been in the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy due to complications but have finally had my baby girl and was wondering if it isn't too late to set up the appointment for my sister's make over. If it's possible she can do it this Saturday I know that's kinda short notice but this is the day she is off work. Any time would be fine, please let me know. THanks


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