Saturday, December 18, 2010


With the New Year fast approaching. I'm pretty sure were are all thinking . "I want to lose weight but there is no point now. "Let it be until the New Year. "Truly there is no point now." But after having looked in my closet for the millionth time. I told myself ,"Do I really need to buy new clothes, NO No NO $$$$$ !!!" So my journey begins. Having had my daughter Madison 26 months ago, I decide, having just had a baby wasn't working anymore. I have made it a quest to lose weight but with no crazy quick loss diets. Only because I've tried them all already . Natural, safe and all hard work is the only and willing way to go. Please join me in you tales ,tricks, pics, process, and weight loss quest.. Lets all lose weight together.

To be continued.........

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