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5 Tips " How To Find A Job That Fits Your Life "

How To Find A Job That Fits Your Life
Five Tips from Mom Corps Houston President Meera Naehr

 While the economy has taken a toll on the job market, it has also forced companies and employees to re-evaluate how they work. Flexibility has been placed at the forefront of this change. As a result, companies have begun to offer flexible work schedules, shortened work-weeks and telecommuting options in lieu of bonuses and raises. Employees have turned to freelance, contract, and even intern positions in place of full-time traditional jobs. In short, the market is changing.

Mom Corps was founded on the principle that there is a huge pool of untapped talent among qualified professionals who have left the traditional workforce because they could not find the balance they needed to manage career with life and family. Now that more flexible options exist, many of these people would like to return to the workforce, but don’t know how.

Houston Mom Corps President Meera Naehr has created a list of five tips to help individuals looking for a career change, more flexibility in their professional lives, or simply needing to go back to work.

#1 Be Prepared
Show employers that you are ready to work. Update your resume, have a modern wardrobe, and be prepared to explain any gaps in employment. Identify your industry specific and transferable skills and don’t forget skills honed through volunteer service. Also be sure to thoroughly research your prospective employers.

#2 Address Flexibility
Don’t be shy about being upfront about your must-have flexibility needs. Be specific about why you need flexibility in your position and consider saving your “nice to have” requests until after you have proven yourself to your employer.

#3 Redefine Your Success
Just because you left the job market at a certain level does not mean you need to return at that same level. Many lower-level jobs offer more flexibility and less stress. Tell employers if you are open to a lower-level job and that you do not consider yourself overqualified.

#4 Think Small
Oftentimes larger companies do not have the ability to be flexible. Smaller companies tend to be more open to alternative staffing situations and jump at the opportunity to save money by hiring someone with more experience to work part-time.

#5 Tell Your Friends
You never know who within your own network might have the right connections to your dream job. Tell people when you start your job search. You can also expand your contact circle by attending networking events and meetings. Be sure your Linkedin profile is up to date and always pay forward any leads you receive.

Naehr also recommends interested candidates sign up with Mom Corps at where they can easily upload their resume and receive email updates with job opportunities.

About Mom Corps Houston President Meera Naehr

Meera Naehr launched Mom Corps Houston in May of 2011. Prior to Mom Corps, Naehr focused her career in finance. Most recently, she was Vice President in the Global Commodities group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Her impressive professional background, combined with Mom Corps' expertise is a winning combination for both local job seekers looking for flexible work arrangements and companies interested in tapping into a unique talent pool. Naehr earned her MBA degree from Rice University and holds a BS in Biomedical & Electrical Engineering from Duke University. She resides in Bellaire, Texas with her husband and two children.

About Mom Corps

Launched in 2005 by Allison O’Kelly, a CPA, Harvard MBA and working mother of three boys, Mom Corps specializes in matching leading companies with high-caliber professionals looking for alternative work arrangements. An industry leader in the flexible employment market, its mission is two-fold: 1) provide organizations direct access to a previously untapped market segment of exceptional talent—professionals who have opted out of the traditional workplace, and 2) enable professionals to work in their respective fields while simultaneously meeting familial needs and responsibilities and work preferences. For more information, please visit

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