Saturday, October 8, 2011

Save the Planet While Lunchin


That's right ... you can make an impact and help save our planet. Really! Here's one way to start: Pack your lunch in a reusable bag. Easy and effective. If you stop throwing out a paper sack every day, that adds up. We've got you thinking, don't we?
Reusing means you're not only using stuff again, it means less energy is being used to make more stuff. And that means you are keeping waste out of our landfills, less energy from being processed and less resources from being consumed — all from bringing a reusable lunch bag. Talk about not taking much to make quite an impact.
Now, keep thinking with us. You're using that lunch bag again and again. Know what else you're doing? Saving money. That's right! A penny saved is a penny earned and you just proved it. Reusing is an eco-nomical thing to do too.
Happy Saving-The-Planet-During-Lunch!


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