Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Obsession ( To Actually Do my Resolution List)

I know many of us starting the New year start with a New years resolution ..lose weight.. Try harder... Be a better person. But who actually goes through with doing everything you sought out doing and actually sticking with it . In the past I can admit.I've made the pact and have yet to go through with it past a week or so. I wanted this year to be a little different for me. I'm 32 years and have yet to really say "IM DOING THIS !!!! Running marathon or even a race. I admire those who year after year do everything they sought out to do. My sister being one of those people. She always has done everything she always put her mind to. Me .. I'd always have the kids excuse, working or my husband . With really seeing for the first time the life is so short ...do I really want to die without doing anything I really wanted to do my whole life . In saying that I started my year a little different this year . Making a list of not any one resolution but 10 . This list is really of things that I always talked about doing but could never get around doing or starting.

New years resolution:

1) Lose 20 pounds and build lean muscle.
Returning to my High school weight has been something I've talked about for years. I've been a roller coaster year after year , diet after diet but yet to fell every time. I've already made a committed . I've already taken some measures to making that goal. I'll will be posting my entries has my weight goes which leads me to my next resolution on my list.
2)Growing my blog with entries almost everyday and getting a greater reader and Blog followers. My content may change or things may be added.Has health and beauty are a big thing for me this year. Given that I had been a at home mommy for the last 3-5 years . Shopping and Shoes have been become an Obsession.
3)Becoming a better follower through the lords eyes !
4)Give more of my time for a needful cause and have my children do the same.
5)Run a marathon or race ..anything !
6) Sky Dive !
7) SWIM in a pool, learn different stokes and do tons of laps.
8)Write a book
9) Travel.... anywhere!!

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