Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Over the holidays I invested in 3 items that I had been eyeing all year long. A spinning bike , polar watch and a Nike Training Club app for my Ipad.  They have been pretty much untouched since black Friday. I blame my love of social gatherings and the festive mood I've been since Thanksgiving.Which reallys means I havnt been able to stop eating! But given that I could no longer fit into my favorite jeans and the start of the New year . I had to put my New years Resoultion to full gear. Heres the ups and downs of my xmas gadgets.

1) Polar RS300x SD Running Series Heart Rate Monitor:
For those who want to know speed and distance to aid in performance along with the ability to measure heart rate. Measures heart rate combined speed and distance Train at the right intensity with personal training zones Displays calories burned Tracks latest 16 training sessions and last 16 weeks of training.

Which means in mommy's terms its lets you know how many calories you have burned during your workout. It also lets you track and save your process. Its functions are pretty easy to use. I was lucky during black Friday to pay about $100 for the watch. I totally love its easy functions and waterproof case. its perfect for me and my bust mommy's lifestyle.

2) Spinning Bike:
I love spinning but kept finding it so difficult to work out with two jobs , Madison ballet and Daniel soccer games. So I searched craigslist  and was lucky enough to find this great bike. I'm really unsure the make and model of my bike. But yesterday I was able to use both my polar watch and my bike. It was awesome to know I burned 450 calories in an hours time. This is a great and easy workout. I loved that I was able to put the kids to bed and catch up on my Novellas.

3) Nike Training Club App- This application is a great tool if you have access to a ipad or iphone.  I love more than anything that it was FREE! Yesterday was my first time using the get Lean Training for Beginners. It was pretty intense. After the warm up . I was sweating. I wasn't able to complete the full 45 minutes. I plan to work myself to that point. But this is a great free tool to get you were you need to be. Its has 4 different goals you can choose from.

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